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Heart Healthy Chocolates is an artisan hand-poured chocolatier. Our signature Heart-Healthy Dark Chocolate and Heart-Healthy Dark Mint Chocolate are both over 98% cocoa bean. We grind the beans by hand and use only the purest ingredients. Our chocolates taste good and are good for you, too!

Can't decide which of our delicious chocolates to get? Solve your problem with one (or all three!) of our samplers. The Heart-Healthy Sampler contains Heart-Healthy Chocolates, tea-size Cinnamon-Nutmeg Truffles, and tea-size Berry Truffles. Available in regular or mint chocolate, everything in this sampler is 100% sugar free and safe for diabetics.

The Sweet Treats Sampler has Heart-Healthy Chocolates, tea-size Caramel Truffles, and tea-size Organic Peanut Butter Truffles. This sampler is also available in either regular or mint chocolate. The Caramel Truffles have sugar in them, so we don't recommend them for diabetics, but the other products in this sampler are sugar free and safe for diabetics.

The Baby and Me Collection, shown above on the right, lets your canine companion(s) get into the act. There's a pound of our Gourmet Puppy Treats for Fido and our Heart-Healthy Chocolates, tea-size Berry Truffles, and tea-size Cinnamon-Nutmeg Truffles for you. The chocolates and truffles are sugar free, and the puppy treats are chocolate free and safe for dogs.

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Heart healthy sugar free chocolates for sale online. Choose from our range of diabetic friendly chocolates and truffles. Vetinary approved chocolote for pets
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